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    Hello there, and thanks for the amazing Newscast.

    I’m experiencing a trouble with the dropdown menu.

    I created a ‘first’ menu, and a put some second level page (dragging them to the right inside the first menu item in admin>appearence>menu), but the dropdown menu doesn’t show when the mouse is over but only if, when I’m on the first menu item, I move the mouse down (until I almost come to the line wich separates the ‘first’ by the ‘second’ menu).

    I can’t send you a link of the page ’cause I’m working on local machine.

    Hel me, please! :-)




    Without a link to the page and therefore the ability to see / test the problem 1st hand it is nearly impossible for us to help you. I assume you’ve made some changes to the theme which have shifted the position of the navigation compared to the original version – if so, the CSS probably needs a little adjustment to fix this issue.

    If you can enable web viewing of the site, I can take a look; unfortunately if you can’t put the site online I won’t be able to help you further.



    Thanks, actually it was caused by the logo dimension (exceding the standard 70x250px).

    What CSS code should I modify? Thanks a lot!


    Can you post a link to your website please?


    I have the same problem – I’m setting up my portfolio using Display and have noticed that when I move my mouse from a menu item to a sub-menu item the sub menus disappear. I have tried reducing the height of my logo to 70 pixels but that didn’t work (it does say on the wordpress settings for this theme to use 90 pixels height for the logo). I’ll keep looking and see if can fix it. my blog page is – the culprit is the [clients] menu item.



    you maybe need to decrease the top value of the submenu. You need to decrease it if you don’t want to use the description text under the main menu items. Open up style.css and search for:

    #top .nav ul {

    Decrease 48px to 30px and the submenu should work again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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