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    I’m using Corona 1.4 on WordPress 3.5.1. Should we be able to specify one of our dynamic templates built using the Template Builder as the Default Blog Layout or Default Page Layout under Theme Options?


    Also, when using the Template Builder, in the ‘Dynamic Template Page Layout’ if I choose ‘Right sidebar’ how do I control what goes in that sidebar? It defaults to Pages/Categories/Archive and I assumed it instead would have used whatever was in Appearance -> Widgets -> Sidebar Blog (right) but it doesn’t.



    Unfortunately you can’t set a dynamic template as the Default Page Layout under Theme Options. You can set the default sidebar on Appearance > Widget > Look for left and right Displayed Everywhere widget areas. You can also assign a unique sidebar by going to Theme Options > Sidebar > Add new widget areas for pages and categories:.




    Thanks! That is helpful. I’d like to nudge a feature request then to allow a dynamic template to be a default page layout or default blog layout under theme options.



    We’ll report it to Kriesi. Thanks!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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