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    So I created my first Dynamic Template and applied it to a page. Now, all my pages have lost their content and formatting. The pages all show a default view of left sidebar and all portfolio items. Nothing I can do changes the way the pages look or format.

    I’ve tried post settings, page settings, theme options.

    The only thing that works now, is to create a dynamic template for each page….not something I want to do, for ALL pages.

    Any advice?




    So this is a fairly urgent request. Seems I found a bug.

    I tried stepping back in time and undoing my latest changes. To no avail. So, I think the step that caused it was: I had a page linked in the settings as a blog. I didn’t like the blog showing all categories with no exclusion setting, so I followed the suggestion in another post of making a new page and setting up a blog using the dynamic template generator. (which allows me to pick and choose categories). However, I took the old blog offline by de-selecting it from the settings. This was about the time I noticed all my pages, (except dynamic template pages) had a default view of left sidebar, page content and then below that, all portfolio items. There is nothing I can do, to get the default view to change. Theme settings and page settings do NOT over ride the way the pages are laid out.

    The only thing that “works” is creating a dynamic template and associating the page to the dynamic template. However, I don’t wan this for every page, INCLUDING my shopping carts and other auto generated pages!!!

    Seems to be a bug.

    Any input? Thanks for listening.


    Update 2:

    So, I fixed my own problem. Here is what I think happened.

    I had the dummy data uploaded into the theme. I have started removing the dummy data. I made all the dummy pages private, to hide them from widgets/menus. I didn’t un-associate the Portfolio Theme Options for each of those pages. So, what I think was happening, is that each of those page settings, was looking for the page it used to control and instead of finding it, just randomly applied it to existing pages (or the next numerical id number closet to the pages).

    I thought of this when I discovered that new portfolio pages still held their layout and it wasn’t changed.

    Problem solved. Maybe this will help someone in the future. Cheers!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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