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    Hello i just bought Enfold and love it, i have try it in my secondary site… i want to run it in my main site where actually im using propulsion… 1.How is going to be the change?, i cant be without site for a day or more if i make a mistake…or something goes wrong!

    Can i upload the theme… activare to try it and see what happens and if is not good go back to propulsion, without loosing all settings and templates?

    What will happen with all setting, templates built in propulsion, do i have to run-desing all again for enfold?

    2.How i do the language settings in Enfold? the WPML already runing with propulsion will keep working?Or i have to set back again all?

    Thanks in advance!




    I’m afraid you have to redo the site from scratch since Enfold is a far different theme than Propulsion. So much has change on the templates and the actual framework.

    You can find tutorial videos about Enfold here:



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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