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    I am using the slider and the pics are not resizing to the 180x 180 nor the 300 x 300 selection in the slider



    I experienced this problem too.



    It will inherit the size of the container. The size that you set on the “Slideshow Image Size” is the thumbnail size that you’re going to use on the slider but not the actual size of the slider.

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    Thanks for that. But now how do I change the size of slider when i am dragging and dropping?




    You can’t control the slider size. It will always use the entire container width of the surrounding container. If you put it in a column the slider width will adjust to the column width, if you use it without a column wrapper the slider will stretch over the entire page width. The thumbnail size option helps you to select the right image size for your slider but it won’t set a fixed size. If you’reusing a slider within a column you can choose a smaller thumbnail size, for a fullwidth slider you need to use a bigger thumbnail size, etc.




    ok thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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