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    I already did a search on here and read all the posts about editing the XML file. Not a lot of instructions. I also went to CU3ER site to look-up any documentation. The documentation provided at his site is for the newer version or the registered version and does not match the XML file used in the Display slider folder. Any help??



    I would suggest swapping out that slider , since there are dozens of different sliders out now both free and premium that you have a large selection to chose from

    Here the instructions about xml




    I was looking into swapping the slider out, where would I insert/replace the code to do such a thing?

    The link to the XML file looks to be for the newest version.. the coding does not look anything like what is already in the XML for the Display theme…


    Hi sfranks12,

    You can change the index.php file in the theme files if you want to change out the slider. In general, a lot of the code from Display is outdated at this point since it hasn’t been updated to work with anything beyond WordPress 3.3 going by the notes on its Themeforest listing.

    So most of the how-tos or tutorials for editing the plugins or scripts that were used will be using different versions that what comes with the theme.




    Are there any plans to update the code, I just purchased the theme and if it is going into the moth-ball fleet I would not have purchased it. I like the theme and can only hope that it will be updated.. please let me know if it will or will not be getting updated and if there is a time frame.. Wp3.6 is in beta so seems a little behind the curve on this theme…

    Thanks for the info…



    The theme works fine and swapping out the slider , you can test out with a lite version that is free.

    All you would need to do is take out line 12 from index.php and insert the line for the new slider.




    Thanks, all taken care of…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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