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    I have read that the child error had been solved on the 1.3 update?

    Should the following now work?


    Theme Name: Enfold Child

    Description: Child theme for the Enfold

    Author: Chris Ward

    Template: Enfold


    @import url(“../enfold/style.css”);

    I can’t see the child theme showing under themes, only the main theme.


    For me it’s work correctly with :


    Theme Name: MYWORK

    Theme URI: http://www.mywork.com/

    Description: Theme pour le site MYWORK

    Version: 1.0

    Author: FreePixel

    Author URI: http://www.freepixel-webdesign.com/

    Template: enfold


    @import url(“../enfold/style.css”);

    I think you have to change :

    Template: Enfold in Template: enfold


    Still nothing. I do have a wordpress network setup but this should not be the problem…..?


    I can confirm its something to do with the theme. I have tried it with another theme and it works fine.

    I have setup a network so I can have 3 websites. I install the theme which is works fine but when I try to add a child theme I cant get it to show in the network admin dashboard under themes.


    Theme Name: CWP

    Theme URI: http://www.chriswardphotography.net/

    Description: Chris Ward Photography

    Version: 1.0

    Author: Chris Ward

    Author URI: http://www.chriswardphotography.net/

    Template: enfold


    @import url(“../enfold/style.css”);

    This is the text I am using. Any help please?


    OK, I just tested in WordPress network (in local with Mamp) after activation on WordPress network (Enfold + my child-theme) no problem with the child theme in a network site.




    could you let me know what you are using for your child? The code? Do you just have a style.css within the folder? Im going to try setting it all up again see what happens. Thanks for the feed back.


    My code is identical to yours, I do not use the custom.css but a alternative stylesheet charged in the <head>.

    I had a problem because I copied an old file header.php in my child-theme and I had a lot of problems, I copied the last header.php and all is well now.




    Well I’m setting it up again from 0 so hope it will sort itself out. Everything worked before just would not show the child theme in wordpress.


    Well have no idea what went wrong the first time. All working now. Thanks for the info along the way, made the problem solving a lot quicker.


    I’m glad its working for you now artistic24459. It would probably one of the updates that have been coming out pretty rapidly in the past week as I know Kriesi did some fixes here and there for Child themes.

    Just make sure to keep an eye on the version.txt in the main folder you download from Themeforest whenever you download an update to see what has been changed specifically so you can update the duplicate in your child theme if you are replacing it.




    Does setting up a child theme keep the backend styles from working?


    No, this shouldn’t happen. You can loose your theme settings though because Kriesi saves the settings with the theme name. If the child theme name is different the child theme will create a new, different option set.


    The option panel used to work for me. Ever since I tried to install a child theme, with a function file with the above php copy and pasted in it, I haven’t been able to use the panel. The panel won’t even work if I revert back to the parent theme. What might I be missing? If I try to style certain elements like font color in the style sheet, it doesn’t work. It is like the default settings are set as highest priority somewhere.


    I figured it out. I renamed my child theme. If I change theme name back to enfold, everything works.

    I wouldn’t suppose you’d tell me how I can make it work with a renamed child theme. I want to customize it to the clients name. :)


    Never mind. :) I love this theme.

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