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    I just imported the Enfold 2017 Demo Import but am coming up with a LayerSlider Issue. I checked the LayerSlider plugin and the slides were not imported. Can you help import them for me?

    LayerSlider encountered a problem while it tried to show your slider.
    Please make sure that you’ve used the right shortcode or method to insert the slider, and check if the corresponding slider exists and it wasn’t deleted previously.

    Only you and other administrators can see this to take appropriate actions if necessary.

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    Hey zetharia,

    Thanks for providing the access. I have added Enfold 2017 Demo in layerslider. I have created a test page to show it (link in private content).

    Best regards,


    I am having the exact same problem, as I would imagine most people are – like a good user I am searching for answers before asking…. but keep finding forum posts like this that don’t tell me how to fix the issue myself (just the you have fixed it) – any chance you could tell us what you did please?

    Currently my WP menu looks entirely different to any demos you have – If I click on LayerSlider WP on the left hand menu of wordpress it says the slider is not activated???

    I’m totally confused and would appreciate some help please. Many thanks


    Hi dazzlingbull,

    Can you try to post a link to your site? so we can check.

    Best regards,


    Hi Nikko, thanks for the reply – having searched further, I found that while the LayerSlider WP is bundled with your template, it does not need activating to add a slider – when I added a slider (this was literally add slider if anyone else is reading this – with any name and a simple image) the slider appeared on the homepage.

    I appreciate the demo data cannot show everything, but what would have been nice is to see how you used their slider to create those nice effects on the sample template with text over the top and flying in, in the way it does.

    Is there anyway to install your demo slider, with your images and text please? This would be very useful.

    FINAL Q. If we want to release the full potential of the LayerSlider WP – do we need to purchase it? At the moment it says there is an update, but we have to get that from you?

    Many thanks again looking forward to your reply.



    You check how it was made by checking on the properties/attributes of each element or layers added just by clicking on an element and check on the content on tabs. You can also check their documentation:

    As for the demo, yes in the layersliderwp you should see import sliders, please click on that and upload this file on it: (it’s a zip file I have exported from Enfold Re-imagined slider, the link will expire in 30 days).

    For the final question, you don’t need to purchase it to use within the theme but if you want to unlock some of their premium features which they offer to those who buy their plugin, you can buy it.

    Best regards,

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