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    in the thread “(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -page-slider/” title=”Enfold | Header Transparency with Full Page Slider”>Enfold | Header Transparency with Full Page Slider.” and here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -over-main-content/” title=”top menu transparent and fixed over main content”> are already answers, but i still struggle.

    QUESTION: how to set the “fullscreen slider on full screen”? http://www.jiamode.com

    The frontpage should be only the fullscreen slider with a transparent header menu. to create this effect i been only able to push the top margin of main up, which leaves a space of couse. How to have the fullscreen slider in full, without the 90 gap?

    thank you in adavance.

     .header_bg {
        background: rgba(255,255,255,0.3) !important;
        background: transparent !important;
    .avia-menu a{
        color: rgba(0,43,88,1)  !important;
    .main_menu, .main_menu * {
        background: transparent !important;
    #header *{
        border: 0 !important;
    .home #main {
        margin-top: -90px;
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    Hey webfordj!

    Tbh I’m not familiar with Kriesi’s calculation code for the header offset and my solution might not work but you can try to replace this code in wp-content/themes/enfold/js/shortcodes.js

    		subtract: '#wpadminbar, #header, #main>.title_container'


    		subtract: '#wpadminbar'

    and the slider should cover the entire screen.



    it worked and i have to say once more again: the support team of kriesi and the quality of your products are very good. as i did before, i recommend you guys.

    thank you very much.
    gruß sebastian, berlin germany

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