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    I’m trying to find the code to remove the small picture and date next to the News. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    In the future, where is the code for the widgets located?


    – John



    You can add this on your custom.css

    .widget .news-content .news-thumb, .news-time {
    display: none;

    You can find the widget code on framework > php > class-framework-widgets.php.




    Thats perfect thank you.

    Second question to ask; If I put this widget in a footer slot the text is black and I can’t really see it. If I change the color to white, it will affect how it looks in the sidebar in the blog. How can I make it white in the footer and black in the blog sidebar?


    – John



    Just add the #footer selector. :)




    wow that’s easy enough. That did the trick.

    Sometimes i noticed you guys first type #top… what does that mean/do?

    Thanks for helping an old dog!



    It’s the id of the body tag :)




    Well basic as it is, that’s good info to know. I thought #body was the tag, so I’ll remember that for the future.

    Thanks Peter

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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