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    Hi Guys,

    Could you list the file names that were changed in the recent update, so I can do a manual update without replacing everything and wiping custom settings?.

    The Theme Update function within the Enfold Theme Settings is not working for me, it just reads ‘ no updates available, everything ok’, when the theme is in fact an older version.

    So are the updates good to go with WP 3.6.1 – I feel sorry or you guys, they change the WP version so often, yikes!.
    Many thanks



    Hi Gary,

    The auto-update checks every 12 hours for an update.

    The full change log for 2.2 is in the version.txt you can download in the full theme package from your downloads:

    2013 September 18 - Version 2.2
    - style.css - new version number
    - css/shortcodes.css - fixed a bug with .avia_start_animation elements causing fixed BG images to shift  
    - css/dynamic.css - adds a few new stylings for the forum  
    - css/bace.css - fixed a bug with firefox and linked images  
    - css/layout.css - added a few styles for various improvements mentioned bellow
    - footer.php - changed arguments of wp nav menu to work better with non-latin languages
    - header - changed arguments of wp nav menu to work better with non-latin languages
    - 404.php - added action that allows you to perform actions like notification to the blog owner if a page is missing
    - functions-enfold.php - removed buggy post nav from forum
    - includes/related-posts.pgp - added additional hooks and config options for different styling possibilities
    - js/avia.js - better detection on when to use the mobile menu
    - js/shortcodes.js - fixed a problem with easyslider, logoslider and content slider in IE 9 + 10
    - archive.php and taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php - added term descriptions
    - includes/admin/register-admin-options.php 
    	- you can now disable the dummy content import button by adding this to functions.php: add_theme_support('avia_disable_dummy_import')
    	- added option to disable search icon in main menu
    - folder config-woocommerce:
    	- fixed several small issues
    - folder config-templatebuilder:
    	- improved: template builder now works with revisions
    	- improved: portfolio layout if no images are selected
    	- added: missing translation strings for visual editor
    	- fixed: toggle active class bug
    	- added: filter for lightbox size
    	- fixed: content slider typo
    	- fixed: bug in firefox with absolute positioned elements within tables
    - folder config-bbpress:
    	- improved: lots of small styling improvements to the forum
    - folder framework:
    	- update to the newest version
    	- fixed contact form subject guessing code
    	- improved checkbox display and handling in backend
    	- added filter to default fallback menu to add additional items
    -folder lang:
    	- added first version for Danish, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Swedish and Dutch




    Devin, you are a star, thanks mate



    hi, after updating the theme files n folders as mentioned above, the ‘color’ for links in the footer area has changed to ‘default’ link color which is not ok as the background for footer is black. pls help…

    example url:



    @akhilz: The link color on your footer is white. Which of theme elements do you want to change and to what color?



    updated all the files n folders of the theme and now it has become white, thanks for the quick response anyway. my issue is resolved :-)

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