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    I just upgraded / to Enfold to 2.6.1 and like some others I am having these errors:

    1. The logo in the header on mobile is too big. I did this styling before which had it justified left and fitting nicely between the left edge and menu. How can I fix this?

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .mobile_active #advanced_menu_toggle {
    display: block;
    right: -15px;
    top: 40px; }
    .logo img { height: 50px; width: auto !important; max-width: none !important; margin-top: 10px!important;
    padding-top: 0;}
    .responsive .logo { margin-left: -10px!important; }

    /*headerlogo fix*/
    .logo img {
    margin-top: 5px;

    .header-scrolled .logo img {
    margin-top: 0;

    2. The WPML language switcher is gone from the header. I put it in the menu for now but would like to get it back in the header soon.

    That’s all so far. I would appreciate it if you could give me a quick fix for these issues. I have looked through the header settings but don’t see any extra settings for mobile other than the menu options.
    thanks for your help! I will follow this with login info.

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    1) To resize the logo try this code:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .responsive .mobile_slide_out .logo img{ width: 300px; }

    Obviously you can replace 300px with any other custom value. You can also define new media queries if (max-width: 767px) does not give you proper results for all screen sizes.

    2) Yes, we’ll fix this with the next update. For now see: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -upgrading-enfold/#post-236236

    Best regards,


    Thanks – I just fixed the WPML and have applied the code for the header. Seems to only be changing the width but the height is weird and my attempts at fixing it (height: 100% or height : 50px) don’t work. How can I preserve the aspect ratio of my logo?

    I had another topic (#234597) open regarding video slideshows on the mobile and was waiting for a css code to swap the color section (with video) at the top of this page with the image slider below, but my topic was closed after the upgrade. I know there are extra options regarding videos in 2.6.1 but they may not be right for my needs. Can you help me with this?

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    Now, I have to solve one problem more.
    It is LayerSlider WP problem.

    I am using it for products menu which is below header.


    By the way, this slider dose not work correctly after updating.
    The texts disappeared and some of images are not displayed sometimes.

    [LayerSlider problem]

    After updating to v.2.6.1 , all of layerslider does not work same as before.
    1. After saving, texts have disappeared.
    2. Before saving, the location of texts has been changed.
    3. Transition and text location are different from the preview in admin page.

    I need your prompt help.

    Best regards,

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    Yes, LayerSlider changed significantly so you may need re-do your layouts to work with the new version. There is nothing we can do about this unfortunately as we aren’t the developers for LayerSlider and its just bundled with the theme.



    why has my topic been hijacked?


    Sorry about that! Its unfortunately one of the reasons we tend to close topics now so often because others jump in and can sidetrack a topic so easily.

    I’m not sure what your previous issue was but color section video backgrounds are strictly for video backgrounds. So if you are trying or were hoping to use one as a video player it really isn’t intended to be one.

    The logo can be constrained to the height of your logo’s actual height with:

    .logo img {
    max-height: 63px !important;

    Hi Devin, I was looking for a way to swap out the color section at the top of this page with the image slider underneath on responsive media. I saw there was some way to add a css code but could not find it. The 2.6.1 update made too many problems on my site – I know there are some extra settings for videos which is why I wanted to update, but would rather have it swap out if that’s possible.


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    No, that isn’t possible to swap an entire element out with another on mobile only.


    I got this response when I asked about it swapping the video on responsive devices – it is also on some other topics here.

    Q: I have read some other answers to this topic – is there a way to swap out the video slider for an image slider on responsive media? I saw there was some way to add a css code but it was not listed. I can wait for the new release, sounds good, but was wondering if there was a work-around for now?

    A: Hey! You can add image slider above or below your video slider and post the link to your website and point out the section so we can provide you custom CSS code
    Regards, Yigit

    but then I didn’t get an answer back… :(



    I offered it as a workaround. Please try following code in Quick CSS

    @media only screen and (min-width: 767px) {
    .page-id-7727 #full_slider_1 { display: none; }}
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .page-id-7727 #av_section_1 { display: none; }}



    yeah! thanks very much.
    the 2.6.1 update caused me many problems with my css customizations,
    so I couldn’t take advantage of the new options for video :(
    I will see if this works.


    does that code also hide the image slider on non-responsive media?



    Code should display fullscreen slider on mobile and hide on screens wider than 767px and will do vice versa for color section video



    great! that worked really well for the mobile.
    What about for the ipad? The video comes up (loads) but does not play – I was told IOS will not autoplay videos? Is there a way to set it to have the image slider as well or is there some way of overriding and having it autoplay?



    Yes, you can set the option on the element to have a fallback image in which was added in with 2.6 as well as fixing the iOS issue of the video not being clickable to play.



    ok. I just had lots of errors when I updated to get those new options – header all messed up and when i fixed it I lost all my css customization, though not on the mobile. I will do some tests. Is there some documentation you release with the new update that lists all the changes?



    A complete changelog can be found here:



    I am doing a test here:
    but still have problem with my header on mobile, and the css changes I made to it messed up all my other css.
    Can you take a look? Is my header the wrong size or are there other options for the mobile header that I am not seeing.



    Please add following code to Quick CSS as well

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .responsive .logo a, .responsive .logo img {
    height: auto !important; }}



    thanks so much.
    keep doing what you’re doing – your support is really outstanding!

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