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    This relates to a problem I had about a week ago with a widget on the side looking tiny in Safari, and Devon suggested this code (which worked perfectly).

    #top .taxonomies-filter-widget-submit {

    width: 97% !important;


    But now I just looked at my site and except for that widget, the entire site is too small in Safari, including the footer. (I don’t know if it had to do with the fact that I just updated WooCommerce or not.) Is there something similar to the code above that could fix the entire site? (I tried body {… but that did not work.)

    I have the default settings on my browsers, by the way. And I looked at this page in several browsers, and it doesn’t do that. Just my site.

    Thank you!


    Hi creatorofstuff,

    Can you take a screenshot of what is happening in Safari? I’m not sure exactly what you mean by too small and if its the responsive settings, a plugin conflicting with them or something else entirely just from the description.

    A link to your live site will also help as well.




    I am not quite sure how to show you the screen shots. ? However, the site is Can you compare what you see in Safari to Firefox? This shouldn’t matter but I’m on a Macbook Pro. On my computer the whole thing appears to be zoomed out in Safari, but I have not changed any settings in that browser, nor can I find a way to make it different. It looks right in Firefox.

    If you tell me how to post my screen shots, I will do that, too. Thanks! I hope I didn’t do something to mess up something.

    The two recent plugins I have added are Taxonomies Filter Widget, and Woocommerce Quickview, both purchased from Envato. Maybe one of them is causing a conflict?


    1) You can try to deactivate all third party extensions/plugins – if this solves the issue one of the plugins is the culprit.

    2) Re zoom – this video may help:


    Thank you for your help on this.

    1. I tried deactivating plugins and that did not help.

    2. I already know about that method of zooming. That is not the issue here. But thanks anyway.

    You did not mention if the site looks the same for you on Safari and Firefox. I’m curious to know if it is only happening on my end.

    In the meantime, I figured out how to share my screenshots through Dropbox. (I commented out some of the customizations I had made, just in case, and I also commented out the code you gave me (above) that fixed the one filter widget. This way you can see the overall effect.)

    This shows farther down the page how the filter widget gets cut off in Safari:

    Does this happen when you view the site? And you would think that if it were a simple zooming issue, it would act like a responsive site and not chop off part of the widget. (?)



    I tested Replete theme on Safari and it looks exactly the same when I look at it on Chrome or Firefox. This would be a lot easier if you can give us a link to your website. For the meantime try to do some css modification using the selector .safari to fix some layout issues specifically for Safari browser. For example you can use this to hide everything on the site.

    .safari body {
    display: none;

    This is not accurate but maybe you can fix the sidebar issue with this

    .responsive.safari .container .three.units {
    width: 240px;




    The link to my site is in my previous comment. I didn’t realize I needed to put it in again. It is:

    Since I’m a little confused by your code above, and the sidebar is not the only issue, I will wait for you to see my site live. Thank you!

    By the way, I agree, the Replete demo looks the same for me in both browsers as well. That is why I know something is wrong with my site. I just wish I knew what…


    Maybe it will show as a link if I make it:



    Did you try another PC/Mac? I tested the website with Chrome, Firefox & IE and Safari and everything displays fine on my end.



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