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    I purchased ubermenu for mobile navigation, however both ubermenu and responsive (scroll) navigation show up on mobile. this seems ot be a known issue but I dont understand how to fix, can you help? Also sub menu line spacing is to big, possibly from css?



    For Eunoia mobile menu to go away :

    Please open up /js/avia.js and find lines 2061-2078 that look like the code below (but without the // two forward slashes at the beginning of three separate line numbers)

    function run($this){

    //menu doesn't exist
    if(isMobile() && !menuExists($this)){

    //menu already exists
    else if(isMobile() && menuExists($this)){

    //not mobile browser
    else if(!isMobile() && menuExists($this)){

    and either copy the above code over those lines (2061-2078) or add two forward slashes // in front of lines 2065, 2070, 2075

    This will get rid of the Eunoia built in mobile menu and will just leave the regular menu for all screen sizes.





    in eunoia/js/avia.js delete

    // improves menu for mobile devices
    jQuery('.responsive .main_menu ul:eq(0)').mobileMenu({
    switchWidth: 768, //width (in px to switch at)
    topOptionText: jQuery('.main_menu').data('selectname'), //first option text
    indentString: '   ' //string for indenting nested items

    – this will deactivate the responsive mobile menu.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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