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    I have Event Espresso installed on my site and when I try to do a portfolio page and include an event espresso shortcode on the portfolio page it does not appear. I get nothing.

    [ inserted in Avia as a “text block” ]
    [[ text start ]]
    Mrs. Claus
    would be so proud that you believe.
    So would Cher.
    [EVENT_LIST event_category_id=santa] <– so this is the shortcode obviously : )
    [[ text end ]]

    Could you direct me as to how to get a shortcode working from a plugin when it isn’t appearing on various enfold pages?

    I have a site with this as an illustration but it is not a public URL… so I can give admin access if you want to see it… let me know how.
    (( awesome theme )) : )


    Hey Todd!

    Does it work if you switch back to the Default WP theme?



    Hi Josue —
    I could have included that as info, my apologies.

    Yes, it works fine in the 2013 default theme.

    I realize I could inquire with the EE folks but I would really like to get an answer from you guys. : )
    Especially since it works fine in the default theme.

    One more problem….
    There’s another issue which is: the calendar gets really mashed up and does not look right. —
    By saying “right” here’s an example:
    — working properly example: http://tekpal.com/194-2/ (this is base 2013 default wordpress theme with Event Espresso)

    — problem example: this is Enfold with the mashed up calendar: http://lamothetech.com/events-calendar/
    (( all you see are very narrow vertical boxes — when you click on the narrow vertical box in the calendar, you will see a calendar event ))

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    I’ve marked the topic for the head of support to see if he might have any ideas. I’m not familiar with the plugin or how it pulls in data so I’m not sure if its a limitation of the ajax portfolio and running the other shortcodes through ajax or something else.


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    Please contact the plugin authors regarding this issue. I’m not familiar with the code of Events Espresso and I’m not sure why it doesn’t work. If the Event Espresso developers need any help to find the issue they can send me a mail to: (Email address hidden if logged out) and I’ll try to solve the issue with them.


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