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    Hi there, I was wondering how I can change the Feature image size . I’d really prefer for it to be 600×900 for my vertical images and 600 x 400 for horizontal images. My blog is very image centric and I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you very much.


    I’d like the feature image to be that size on the main page and the post if possible. But main page at least. Thanks again.


    You can change the sizes in functions.php. It’s the first part of the code that appears, that sets the default sizes. I’m not sure how you can separate vertical from horizontal though. Perhaps you can set the default(small) image size to one of them, and the medium image size setting the other. Then you can just choose which one you want when you make the post/page.



    Thanks Rich, I’ve actually done this and the dimensions all appear correct even after uploading a feature image but when it comes to displaying it, it stays the thin horizontal size. Any other idea’s that might help? Kind of stuck on this one. Thanks in advance.


    Which setting are you using to display the featured images? You can choose one of three options in the dashboard/slideshow options panel below where you type the post where it says “Image slideshow?”: default small, medium and fullsize. Try changing that setting. It’s also important that the image sizes you upload are exactly right for that area, one pixel bigger or smaller and it does weird things.


    Hi Rich,

    I’m just trying to display the featured image to the size 600×400 or 600×900 and I’ve changed the image sizes in functions.php and they even insert well. Until I post then it just crops the image somewhere randomly and displays it as is (the ones you see on my blog now are cropped by me before uploading but if I don’t do that, it makes a mess of the crop)

    I really appreciate the help. I feel stupid saying I don’t have a slideshow option under dashboard. I have the slider turned off (I don’t think that makes a difference but maybe it does). I’m wondering if I need to change something in the CSS but I’m just not seeing it myself.

    My site is

    Thanks again Rich!


    Your site isnt working.

    In the wp dashboard where you edit your posts, under the box where you type there is a panel called slideshow options. If you cant see it try clicking the “screen options” tab at the top right of wordpress. Then check the box for “slideshow options”. You may have the slideshow options turned off.



    you can change the slideshow/image dimensions in functions.php. Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails with:

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