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    Dear support,
    what would be the right image size, for featured image to display without cropping on the blog post page.

    Please see here. Face is not showing while on the home page all works well. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -karriere/



    Hey Andy!

    It’s on line 127 in the functions.php file.

    $avia_config['imgSize']['entry_with_sidebar'] 	= array('width'=>845, 'height'=>321);		            	// big images for blog and page entries

    Best regards,


    Sorry Elliot,
    I don’t get it.
    My questions was what would be the right size of a picture to upload in order to be cropped right without cutting parts of.



    Wordpress is cropping images by default when uploading. You can control cropping behavior by adjusting the code line Elliott showed you or by using a plugin like:



    Hey Andy,

    I am not really getting it. Ia m using your theme.
    Please have a look at this sample:
    scroll down to the last article with a picture. (pic of female business woman)
    In this case the pic is fine.

    Now open the blog post by clicking. the picture.
    You see !!!! This is what I mean.

    You can check on other post. All works fine there.

    Now my question is: what is the size of an pic for upload, so it will crop nicely on all pages of the theme.


    Add on to reply above.
    Resizing works fine on other post. Please check them out.
    This is the reason why I don’t understand the problem.



    I’m using masonry to show my woocommerce products but it uses 705×306 size to show both landscape and portrait product images. So when using 2 or 3 columns full-width layout thumbnails on masonry becomes blurry. I want to change this:
    $avia_config[‘imgSize’][‘masonry’] = array(‘width’=>705, ‘height’=>705 , ‘crop’ => false); // images for fullscreen masonry

    to this:

    $avia_config[‘imgSize’][‘masonry’] = array(‘width’=>1440, ‘height’=>1440 , ‘crop’ => false); // images for fullscreen masonry

    How to do it via enfold child theme?

    Sorry I found the solution here

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    Can you take a screenshot and highlight what your referring to Andy? I checked your single post view but it looks like fine to me. You can always disable the featured image from displaying on the single post view and upload your own.


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