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    When i activate the Corona theme, the featured image standard metabox disappears in post, page and also in any other custom post_type i created by code or using 3rdy party plugins like WP-Types. When i switch off the theme, the standard meta box reappears in all post_types edit page.

    I really need that standard features for other custom types.

    Other question:

    I love kriesi themes….could you make an html version for all your themes as WP is not my 1st choice.

    Thanks and best regards.



    We use our own featured media uploader. It’s not possible to use the “Set featured image” option. However the first image you upload/set with our uploader is also set as “post thumbnail” (“Set featured image” thumbnail).

    It’s very unlikely that Kriesi will create html themes because they don’t sell well enough.



    ok…got it…. i’ve been able to add standard feature image support to my custom type adding:

    add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails', array( 'my_custom_type' ) );// so leaving slideshow in post/page/portfolio

    in functions.php

    To add slideshow support in my custom post_types i need to alter the $boxes aray in register-admin-metabox.php

    array( 'title' => 'Add featured media', 'id'=>'slideshow' , 'page'=>array('post','page','portfolio'),..


    array( 'title' => 'Add featured media', 'id'=>'slideshow' , 'page'=>array('post','page','portfolio', 'my_custom_type'),..

    very sorry to hear about the html themes….any chance to get just the pdf versions? They don’t involve more work, but they could be an addon selling option to people like me who likes to code using different frameworks/cmf. Having Inkscape templates would get close to “perfection”…but… :)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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