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    Hi, we’ve bought the Flashlight wordpress template, and it seems to have a problem in saving featured images in the admin panel. This happens when we are creating / editing a new post / page or new product in the WooCommerce section: we can insert a featured image in, like, a new product, but when it comes to saving / updating the featured image disappears.

    We have the latest version of the Flashlight template, downloaded today, the latest WordPress and the latest WooCommerce version.

    Can we please send you an account to login in our administration panel and figure out what’s happening?

    Thank you,





    To insert a Featured Image on Products, go to Gallery Options under the Text Editor. Upload an image then insert it. You can choose how to display the image by going to “Gallery Layout”. Usually you can choose “Image slideshow at the top of the entry” to mimic the product featured image.





    So your template kind of “substitutes” the normal “Featured Image” WordPress feature with your “Gallery Options” feature, am i wrong?

    If i want to insert a Featured Image (in a post, page or product) i have to use the Gallery Options panel, is it correct?



    Yes, that is correct. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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