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    The nature of the problem is this…
    I have two different sites, both running the same version of enfold but on different hosting account. However, when I upload the identical image to the sites they handle the resize on the single blog page differently, although all my settings are the same?

    Site A example
    SITE A
    This is the expect behaviour, the way enfold has always worked for me. I upload the image via the uploader and wordpress then makes a and the source code ends up as ‘img width=”845″ height=”321″ src=”’ which is great – it works for me anyway

    Site B example
    SITE B
    This site is reducing down the size of the image by adding -> img width=”682″ height=”321″ to the source. Although it’s using the original image path ” I upload via the uploader, its the same image and the media size setting in wordpress are the same – but why is this one smaller/reduced?

    The only difference I can see is the they are hosted by different companies – would that effect anything like this? I really want SITE B to behave like SITE A.

    Thanks in advance – this one is driving me crazy!

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    Hey eddygame!

    Seems like the second site isn’t able to do the thumbnail generation. Check with the hosting provider and see if they can assist in getting the regular WordPress thumbnail generation to occur on the server. Eg – Make sure you are on PHP 5.3+, the GD library is installed and that they don’t prohibit the thumbnail generation for some reason.



    Correct answer and once GD library installed on server and regen thumbs run once the problem resolved. Thanks dude



    Glad we could help you.


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