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    Hello, I have awaited your theme update (1.2) to see if it fixes the problem I have had when trying to link from the featured image to the portfolio item. I see the featured image does now do something – before it did nothing – but rather than linking through to the portfolio item it starts playing the video in a small thumbnail – which I obviously don’t want.

    What I am trying to do it set a featured image (on the homepage) and link it through to the portfolio item (new page) – but I only want the video to appear in the slideshow, not the image. Can this be done? I can’t seem to work it out and it seems the most obvious thing to do – click image got > to portfolio page with video ready to play, not play the video in a thumbnail or have the featured image in the slideshow as well as the video.

    Please hope you can help.


    Hi timdudley76,

    Do you have a link where I can take a look at whats going on live? I’m not completely clear on what you are trying to achieve/what is currently happening.




    Ok if you go to my site you will see the thumbnail links start playing the YouTube videos in the thumbnail, which looks ridiculous, I just want that image to go directly to the portfolio item, with the video ready to play.

    I know you can just put an image in the thumbnail instead and link to the portfolio item but then you have to have 2 items in the slideshow – the image and the video – I only want one, the video! Do you know what I mean?


    Hello, there seems to be no easy way of linking your portfolio video without providing a featured thumbnail that can link to your portfolio. Maybe you can have a supporting text that will link your visitor to the portfolio page.


    I basically want it like you are linking from a related item thumbnail, which just has an image link to the portfolio item.

    I’ve been working with this theme for a while and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a good option for a video portfolio – images fine but not video. Every time I think I have found a workaround, another problem crops up, and really for a premium theme I shouldn’t have to workaround!

    1. Ideally I want to use the option to open the portfolio item on the same page – looks great – but then when playing a video and then going to another one, the audio continues from the previous video. Can’t use that.

    2. Next I would like to have the portfolio item open on a new page – fine – but when you link insert a video to the featured media bit, this means the video opens in the thumbnail – as above – tiny video! Can’t use that.

    3. Ok so I can just put and image in the featured media bit and just link that through to the portfolio item – great but where does the video go? a text link maybe, but then I have a poster frame which just opens in prettyPhoto – I don’t want this image in the slideshow unless it links through to my video. Can’t use that.

    4. I can create a slideshow with an image and a video, but then users have to click to the next slide to view the video, not much good as often users will click the image – rather than the tiny arrows – which opens in prettyPhoto. Not good UX.

    5. Ok so I thought I could set up a slideshow which rotates quite quickly to the video slide so users don’t have to click anything – the video will be served up. Problem is when the video starts the slideshow is still rotating between the playing video and the image! Can’t use that unless the slideshow only rotates once. Can this be done?

    6. If this can’t be done then what next? Maybe link the featured image to a standard post rather than the actual portfolio item?

    I think it’s ridiculous I have had to try and go through numerous workarounds to get something which should be simple and work ‘out the box’! I’ve paid $35 for a premium theme (and spent weeks trying to get it working right) that really is no good for a video portfolio…unless someone can offer an alternative I’ve missed.


    Hi timdudley76,

    I’ll just go through each item as you have them numbered above.

    1. This has come up before and its not something Kriesi will be able to solve. Its still on the ‘if a solution comes up it’ll be addressed’ however.

    2. If the portfolio link opens in a new page, the video player will be about 610px by 427px if its using the default settings.

    For the rest, are you trying to do something like this:

    If so, after adding the URL for your video and hitting Insert Video, there should be a little film icon next to the URL that says Click to define preview image:


    Now you can add your own preview image that will be used for the thumbnail. Also, this means you don’t have a slideshow at all. You have a single item that when clicked plays your video. It also doesn’t show a tiny video player in the main portfolio page.

    I know it can be very frustrating to continue to work on something when its not in your normal realm of work and experience. The one great thing about themes is it does save you a lot of money if you are able to put it all together yourself.




    “It also doesn’t show a tiny video player in the main portfolio page.”

    Devin, thanks for the reply, but what you said above is the very problem I am having! Look at my gallery…

    I add a video URL then add my own preview image but rather than just the image on the main portfolio page it DOES have a video player. Forget everything else I mentioned above, this is the one thing that if I got working would make me very happy indeed!

    How can I fix this issue?


    Devin, is there any chance you could expand on the above?


    After you’ve added the image, you can change the behavior of the link. So hit Show on the video item and then select the option for “Apply link to image?” so that when clicked, the user goes to your desired location.


    Devin, I’ve followed that exactly as you say and it doesn’t make any difference. I amended ‘apply link to image’ and changed it from post to a completely different page but in the gallery it still starts playing the video in the thumbnail.

    On my gallery.. click on the top right image (‘Lock your windows’)….


    Any chance of explaining this, it’s driving me mad! So I add a video link to my portfolio item > insert an image > and by default the ‘Apply link to image’ setting is ‘link to post’ but it never links to the post it starts playing the video in the thumbnail of the gallery. Why doesn’t it link to the post? This only seems to happen when adding a video – seems OK when it’s just an image.

    Can anyone answer this?


    Any chance this could be looked at?


    Hi timdudley76,

    I just did a quick test on each of the link types and none seem to have the proper effect. I’ll report the issue to Kriesi and get back with a fix or expected update as soon as possible.




    Ok appreciate that! It’s really important to myself and other videographers that this works as expected.




    Hi Tim,

    Still no update for you but I have the post flagged for my attention and will make sure an update is provided as soon as its available :)



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