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    Featured Post thumbnails seems load on two rows, The error is present on some browsers

    I use google chrome on my desktop it seem to working fine ( version Version 20.0.1132.47 m) checked in a netbook works fine as well

    Yet my laptop shows the thumbnails on two rows also using Google chrome


    By the way link to my site is


    Hi Artifactual,

    I’m not able to get the same thing on any of my test machines. Do you maybe have an addon/plugin on your netbook that might be causing the issue? If not, can you give us a bit more information on what exact circumstances you are getting the error on.




    Was there ever a fix for this on your end?


    I hadn’t heard of the issue from anyone else so I’m not sure if he continued to have the same errors or not. Just to note though, that is using a much older version of shoutbox so the issue might have already been fixed in an update since then.




    Hi Devin

    Actually i have updated most of the files to the current version of shoutbox let me know which file i could replace to get rid of it for example is it coming up from the style css ?

    Actually i can only see this error on laptops weird let me know if there are any ways to fix the error




    Forgot to mention this error is only present in the chrome browser not all version some of the versions


    By the way we have updated everything to 1.6 now still its the same slider has content displaying in two rows


    Hi Artifactual,

    Can you take a screenshot of what is actually happening now? I’m not able to see any errors when I view your site.




    Hello Devin

    Attaching the image link As you see the images load on two rows in the featured slider




    I can’t reproduce this issue on my pcs but you can try to decrease the width of the preview thumbnails a bit. Add following code to css/custom.css:

    .feature_thumb {
    width: 184px;

    and decrease the value to eg 183 or 182 or 181px.


    Hi Peter

    When i tried code you suggested reducing the width of thumbnail and the padding on the chrome inspect element section and the changes seem to fix the issue yet when added the changes to the quick css the error seems to not get fixed what would you advise?



    Is the issue fixed yet? I think another solution is to set a max-height on the div containing the thumbnails.

    .feature_thumbnails {
    overflow: hidden;
    margin: 0 11px;
    max-height: 140px;




    Hi Ismael

    The code you sent worked like a charm thanks for the great support

    Best Regards



    Glad that Ismael could help you :)

    Best regards,


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