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    Hello There!

    Just started with Choices amazing theme (Thanks everybody) and have few questions regarding the Template Builder

    1. In the Frontpage Template I have (left sidebar, right sidebar, fullwidth) for the Page Layout selector, but when trying to create a new Template the “fullwidth” option is not available and replace with “no sidebar” … are the two options equal or am I missing something?

    2. What is the elements logic behind adding page-splits? each page-split generates a div with a class named (dynamic_el_2, dynamic_el_3.. etc) that I can use in custom css styling… but this is not valid for every situation, when I add Slideshow then Page-split, the Page-split does not generate class (dynamic_el_2)

    3. Can we target Templates for specific mobile devices?

    Many Thanks.



    1. Yes, they are the same.

    2. There are different kinds of page split and each has their own HTML output or classes. You may want to experiment or go to includes > helper-template-dynamic.php and find page_split functions.

    3. I’m not sure what you mean by targeting templates on mobile devices.





    Thanks for your reply,

    For (3) I mean to have special templates (or pages) to only serve mobile devices. Basically I want to turn-off my home page Sliders when shown in mobile devices, and display static image instead.




    Hi Hossam,

    Technically, you could create the template or even a page for matter but then you would to add a PHP or JavaScript script that would identify the mobile device and substitute the page. There’s not a built-in option for that within the theme.

    Beyond that, you could look into using CSS to hide the slider and replace with a static background image on mobile devices. Since Choices is already responsive a lot of the work has been done for you. You just need to target the correct classes and media query.




    Thanks May, I will go for the media query path.





    Mya is right, you can use media queries to not display sliders on some of your pages when viewing using mobile devices. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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