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    Hello guys,

    i’m having a problem for my blog with the first image of each post, after installing the latest version of WordPress it does’not work anymore.

    The strange thing is that all the other pictures in each post work fine.

    I’ve tryed also to disable all the plugins but the problem remain the same.

    Can you please help me? Thank’s in advance!


    p.s. sorry for my english i’m from Rome…:-)



    the images and the website display fine for me here. Did you solve the problem?


    Hello Dude and thank’s for the reply, but probably i did not explain well what is the problem, i try again.

    Each post has a thumbnail, from the home page if i click on the thumbnail it opens the post, but when i’m on the post, if i click again on the thumbnail it does not works.

    As you can see on this post for example (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -essere-presenti-nelle-ota/ when you click on the first image comes out a black background with a loading icon, and the image won’t appear.

    I think now it’s more clear, so i hope you can help me solving this bug.




    Try to update your prettyphoto files by downloading the newest version here: – then extract the zip file and place the files in newscast/js/prettyphoto folder. At the moment you’re using version 2.5.6 of prettyphoto which doesn’t work with WP3.1+


    Thank’s a lot Dude, it works fine now! Great support as always!

    Ciao from Rome


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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