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    Hi, as your themes are so perfect all the time, pls take a look into this:

    if you look at yr preview and move from slide to slide with the navigation, there is a tiny 0.5xsec movement, sort of a little vibration in the bg-image which disturbs the great design.

    Any idea of how to get rid of this?

    Thanks, Katharina



    Thanks for the hint – I reported it to Kriesi.

    Best regards,




    I am using a Windows 7 machine and I don’t experience anything like what you are saying.

    Let me tag the rest of the support team to take a look.





    Hm, cant reproduce that either. Which browser/os are you using?

    Best regards,



    Hi, if I could, I would change the title of the thread to “google CHROME not pixel-perfect”.

    Indeed, it’s a browser thing. I’m on WIN XP / SP 3 / and everything’s fine in Firefox 12.0 // Safari 5.1.5 // and even fine on IE8

    The chrome issue – all plugins deactivated ;) – is best to be seen in the area with the curls on the background left of his head and then over the whole width of the content container below. I could provide you with a screenshot if you wish.

    Best regards, katharina



    Yes, please provide us with a screenshot.




    Hi, sorry for delay in answering

    The screenshot can be downloaded here:

    The flickering is most obvious in the area marked with the blue frame.

    Best, Katharina


    Hi Katharina,

    I see what you mean. Its quite hard to get it to consistently reproduce but I’ll send my notes on what I’ve found to so far to Kriesi :)




    thanks! will have a look at it abut not too sure if I can find a solution for this. latest versions of google chrome introduce new bugs and remove old, seemingly at will so its probably safe to assume that an upcoming release will fix the issue ;D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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