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    Hi I found this thread ( that had the same problem…and before i “break” something I wanted to double check with you guys. My page with big titles is: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    You suggested to insert the below fix…I am not a css person…so where do i put that?

    2.) If I want to change the font size to larger or smaller than 18px AFTER I make that fix until I like the size, how do I change it?

    .single-product .big_title {

    font-size: 18px!important;





    Hey Kellie,

    You can add CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files. The Quick CSS option is the most basic but adding it wont hurt anything but instead just quickly gives you the control to force the size of the text a bit smaller.

    So once you put it in the Quick CSS field, save the page and it should take effect. Then if you want to change the font size, just change the number 18 to whatever else you’d like and save.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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