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    I tried changing the js code on the pretty gallery that you suggested in another thread to avoid the horizontal squashing of pics in the pop-up galleries:

    But changing the height or width values in the js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js file did not work.

    Could you please advise a little more detail so I can get this right. I’m sure I’m missing something vital here that will be obviuos to you.

    (function($){$.prettyPhoto={version:’3.1.3′};$.fn.prettyPhoto=function(pp_settings){pp_settings=jQuery.extend({animation_speed:’fast’,slideshow:5000,autoplay_slideshow:false,opacity:0.80,show_title:true,allow_resize:true,default_width:500,default_height:344,counter_separator_label:’/’,theme:’pp_default’,horizontal_padding:20,hideflash:false,wmode:’opaque’,autoplay:true,modal:false,deeplinking:true,overlay_gallery:true,keyboard_shortcuts:true,changepicturecallback:function(){},callback:function(){},ie6_fallback:true,markup:'<div class=”pp_pic_holder”>




    It’s quite strange, the horizontal squashing of images only happens at some internet webpage ratios.

    At fullscreen 1920×1320 it squashes horiztonally, but if webpage window is resized it displays correctly.

    Is this something to the way the image is scaled in relation to the browser window??



    I have found that if images uploaded to gallery are less than approx 65% the length of the image’s total width

    – then image distorts – gets squeezed.

    I can use images that are cropped to this ratio, but what is causing this?

    I cropped my current images at 1920 x 1200 and they look fine in the background, but the prettypicture slideshow squeezes them when it pops up.

    At 1920×1200 – image gets squeezed in slideshow

    At 1920×1440 – no squeezing

    At 1920×1320 – no squeezing



    I marked this thread for Kriesi’s attention. Tbh I’m not familiar with the prettyphoto code and I’m not sure if Kriesi can solve this issue (because it’s a third party script). You can try another lightbox script like or



    Hey! Actually I cant tell whats going on here. have you tried contacting the author of the prettyphoto lightbox, he probably knows what could cause this issue :)




    I found a correction for this (old) bug on the author forum ( :

    In the file js/prettyPhoto/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js, search the string :


    and replace it with :


    It worked perfectly for me !


    Hey berrald,

    Thank you for posting that :)

    Hopefully this helps others if they come across the same issue.



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