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    Hi there, am having difficulty with portfolio set up. Essentially, what I am after is to click the Portfolio link and have category thumbnails come up. Say Travel or Street etc Then if you click Travel, the individual countries thumbnails will appear and you click to open each individual portfolio.

    If you look at your live preview, I want to replicate what you have done by clicking Portfolio > Classic 3 > Classic 3 images So I am looking for 3 levels. Portfolio to Category to Individual Portfolios. I have looked at your setup docs and followed but just can not get to work. Can you please help?

    Thanks, Justin


    Can someone please help me with this? Many thanks, Justin


    ok I have found another post showing exactly what I am trying to do.

    At the time (1 years ago) it was not possible, is this still the case? Can someone please let me know ASAP, I’d like to get cracking on my wesite ASAP.

    Many thanks, Justin



    Just a quick FYI our support forum queue goes by oldest post to newest. So each time you self respond it actually pushes you to the end of our queue.

    No, Flashlight still does not support nested portfolios. You can have multiple portfolios based on categories but individual items within a portfolio item will always just be a single image added to that portfolio items gallery.

    Best regards,


    Sorry Devin, had no idea and apologies. Thanks for getting back to me anyhow.

    I thought this theme was for photographers, surely this is fundamental to many photography websites?

    Flashlight on themeforest says: Display your Projects well organized on portfolio pages so your visitors don’t get lost. You can set up any number of portfolio overview pages, portfolio entries and categories.

    So I am bit confused that I am unable to do this.Anyhow, if it doesn’t do it then that’s the way it is. I am not sure this theme will do what I am after so do any of your other themes support this?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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