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    Hi. My client has chosen to ravage the nice site served up by the templates and now wants to unitalicise the blockquote at the top of the template-builder-generated content area. (See I’ve been through the entire stylesheet and although I’ve found the part that governs the style of that blockquote there is no mention of a font or italic. Forcing the issue by adding it has no effect. Could you tell me how I change that font, I believe it is Georgia Italic but he just wants it unitalicising.

    He has also requested that his logo be on the right but I know my limits… the menu (when there is one) would have to be reset to be on the left and, unless you tell me it’s an easy thing to change, I’m just not going there!


    Hey tobester70!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Corona theme options under Styling tab

    blockquote p { font-family:"Times New Roman",Georgia,Serif; } 
    #top .logo img { float: right; margin-top: 20px; }



    Thanks Yigit
    I see. The first line didn’t remove the italic but the client’s eased off on that one. With the other, can I assume that at the same time
    #header .container.main_menu { float: left; margin-top: 20px; }
    will range the menu (when there is one) to the left?
    Otherwise the logo and the menu will be on the same side?
    Many thanks



    Please use following code

    #top .bg-logo, #top .bg-logo a { float: right; }
    #top .main_menu .menu { float: left; left: 0!important; }
    Best regards, 
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