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    Hi you all!

    Help please! first i gotta say that Im a beginner on wp, I have two questions. I’m using Flashlight theme by the way.

    1) I need to increase the font size on the product category description. I’ve been searching all over the support and I can’t change it.

    I already tried this on the quick css and custom css but it did’nt work, guess I’m doing something wrong:

    #top .post-title .term_description{

    font-size: 20px;

    line-height: 1.6em;

    font-weight: normal;

    text-transform: none;


    I tried to find the php where this is located so I could change the font size but I couldn’t find it =..(

    2) Is there any way that I can link a gallery image to a product? Now I can only do that if the image is posted. It would be great if customers could buy a photo right away from the gallery.

    Thanks a lot in advanced!!!!!!


    I forgot!! Just in case it helps you, Im using masonry gallery.

    Thanks again!



    I moved your post to the Flashlight section, just so there is no confusion.

    You aren’t referencing it correctly. Try this:

    #top .term-description p {
    font-size: 20px;
    line-height: 1.6em;
    font-weight: normal;
    text-transform: none;

    For your second question

    Can you give a direct link to where this gallery is located, I am sorry, I don’t speak Spanish and Chrome today is not translating for me. Off the top of my head, You can probably do it if you hardcode the URLs. If you are new to wordpress you are better off with a freelancer for this type of customization (if i am understanding you right).




    Hi Nick!

    First question solved, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

    About the second one…. maybe it is because my english sucks, but i freaked out reading the word hardcode, i don’t even know what that word means.

    Lets see if I can explain myself properly haha :). I have different galleries, each gallery belongs to its own collection of photos. there are two main groups of collections, Blanco y negro (black and white) and Color. And these two main groups are located under the page Galería on the main menu.

    This is a link to one of the galleries:

    As you can see Galería (Gallery) contains two subpages: Blanco y negro (black and white) and Color (which is the one you can see in this link), and each of both subpages contains several subpages (or collections) as well, and each of them has its own masonry gallery with my photos (in this link the collection is La despedida del sol)

    The shop (called Tienda on the main menu) is divided the same way as gallery but instead of pages I used product categories.

    So, I would like to link each picture from those collections to its product (each photo is a product) so it can be sold with just one click.

    If this can’t be done, is there anyway that I can use masonry gallery with products on product category?

    Hope I explained myself clearly! Its kind of a mess. haha!

    Once again thank you soooo much for your help!!!


    No, unfortunately it’s not possible to link the images to products or to use the Masonry gallery for products. However depending on your budget you can hire someone to change the slideshow class for you. I looked into it and with the additional extension: Product to Media Linker it’s possible to implement this feature quite easily (~2 hours of work). The developer just needs to add a function which checks for the product media link option and if it’s set he can overwrite the image url with the product entry url…


    I’ll try that.

    Thank you soooo much for your time and your attention!!!!



    Great :)

    Best regards,



    Hi! It’s me again, haha

    Since I think that I’m the smartest girl in the world (obviously I’m not) Im working with product to media linker by myself, I thought it was going to work cause it lets me say which is the product of each image on the media library, and If I click on see Image It takes me to the product, buuuut the cart link ain’t displaying in the popup as it should do.

    One of the images I tested this with is La fuerza del viento, located in

    I’m sorry that I’m such a pain in the ass but I really need this to work.

    Thought maybe you know some code that could help me with this. Maybe I just need a code to enable cart link on the lightbox popup?

    I’ve been asking some friends for advice on hiring someone trustworthy with no results.

    Thanks in advanced, Paloma.


    Imho adding a link to the lightbox is even more work than linking the image to the product directly. If you can’t find a skilled freelancer who can help you with the customization I can help you. Send me a mail by using the contact form here: and I’ll make you a quote. Please tell me which solution you prefer (lightbox image description link or direct link to the product).


    I’ll send you and email!

    will I loose the lightbox if I link the image to the product directly?

    Thank you so much.



    Yes, because the image will link to the product directly and the lightbox won’t open the “fullsize” version of the image.



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