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    Hello! Thanks for making an awesome theme.

    We’d like our footer and socket container to stretch really wide.

    Here’s the look we are going for: http://korduroy.tv/ We like how their footer stretches the full-width of the page.

    I’ve been having trouble making our footer and socket container stretch “full-width.,” or really wide.

    I’ve tried a variety of different CSS in these categories:


    #footer{ }

    #footer .container{ padding-top:30px; padding-bottom:30px; }

    Nothings seems to work. Any suggestions? Thank you!




    Edit footer.php, find this code on line 1:

    </div> <!-- close #main .container_wrap element -->

    Replace it with:

    </div> <!-- close #main .container_wrap element -->





    Thank you very much. The new code worked like a charm! We appreciate you support :)

    -Ryan, We Are SISU



    Glad it worked.




    Our footer is officially updated and styled.

    Here’s how it turned out: http://wearesisu.com/

    Thanks for all of your help!


    Glad that Ismael got your footer back on track!

    Enjoy the theme!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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