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    Can you please tell me why my footer is displaying different widgets on my forum page from all the other pages on the site?



    Checked your site and your footer on different pages is exactly the same.




    No, it’s a little different and I may have been unclear… Let me clarify.

    Here is the footer on every page accept when you enter the bbpress forum –

    Here is the footer when you actually enter the forum –

    (This second one can be seen here – )


    Hi Tim_A,

    I see what you mean. Can you create a temporary admin account for me to log in and take a look. I’m not quite sure whats going on but I’d like to see if i can replicate the same thing on my end based on your settings or its specific to your installation.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    Thanks Devin. Email sent.



    Tagging this thread for Devin for quick access.




    Any word on this Devin?


    Hi Tim,

    I’m not quite sure what could be causing the difference. I sent the information over to another of our support crew to take a look however. My only possible guess is that a plugin is attempting to add additional features to the widget areas of the bbpress pages but isn’t quite working in execution.

    So you could try deactivating the other plugins running besides bbpress and see if that helps.

    Let us know either way and we will update if we find a separate cause.




    I looked into it and following line in footer.php:

    if (function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) && dynamic_sidebar(‘Footer – column’.$i) ) : else : avia_dummy_widget($i); endif;

    doesn’t work on the forum pages. It seems like “dynamic_sidebar(‘Footer – column’.$i)” always returns false although the widget areas (Footer – column1, Footer – column2, etc.) are defined. The result is that the if statement returns false and the dummy widgets are used instead of the custom footer widgets. Personally I couldn’t reproduce this error so this might be caused by some custom code. Did you modify any bbpress templates or theme files?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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