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    Hi guys. New to WordPress and have a problem with editing some parts of the site.

    How do I edit each column in footer?

    Where can I actually see the text that footer contains?

    Another thing would be the header links like: home/contact/site map as well as line: call us… with all of those icons.

    How to do I edit these?

    ‘Here is a little of our work’ – how do I edit the text which is under those pictures?




    Please tell us which theme you’re using?




    Sorry. That would be Corona. I’ve tried many methods but there are just no more options for me to edit. just cannot find them.





    1.) You can edit footer columns on Appearance > Widgets. Just add a certain widget on the Footer widget area.

    2.) Open footer.php and find this code.

    <span class='copyright'>&copy; <?php _e('Copyright','avia_framework'); ?> - <a href='<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>'><?php echo get_bloginfo('name');?></a> - <a href=''>Wordpress Theme by</a></span>

    3.) You can find the other links on Appearance > Menus > Look for the Sub Menu.

    4.) ‘Here is a little of our work’. You can edit that on the Template Builder > Frontpage > Look for the last Horizontal Ruler element.




    Hi and thanks for reply.

    1.) 2.) I have already played with copyright I need to add/remove/change links above it. These 4 columns – where can I find lines: ‘INTERESTING LINKS’ ‘PAGES’ ‘CATEGORIES’ ‘ARCHIVE’ so I can edit them? The only thing I can do in widgets is to change number of links. How do I enter my own links there? Where to edit them? How to change theirs urls?

    3.) Thanks but where would I find the text ‘call us free:…’, so I could edit it?

    4.) ‘Here is our…’ that’s the only text you can edit there. There is no option to edit the text that appears underneath those 4 pictures. I can either remove whole text and have only pictures or remove everything. What i need is to put my own text under those pictures.





    Judging by your questions, you are new to WordPress. That’s cool. Just relax and take it one step at a time.

    1) above it are 4 sidebars. You can change that number. There is demo info in there right now. If you go to widget areas, you will see the four footer sidebars. Just drag and drop the widgets you want to show in each of the columns to change them.

    2) Those are Widgets. Find them in the backend and assign the ones you want by first dragging and dropping them and then opening each widget to customize it.

    3) If you want, you can download Notepad++ (google it) and search the entire theme directory for that phrase and you will find it.

    4) You are explaining things too abstract for us to follow. What pictures? What page are they located on. What text? Please give URL and put in quotes what text you are talking about in order for us to help.

    Please remember that you have to do the footwork and learn wordpress first so that you can help yourself most of all. I suggest you look on youtube about basics of wordpress and watch 2 hours worth of videos to get a better understanding of what are widgets, sidebars, where to find them, etc.




    hi and thanks. Yes that would be my first time with WP so thanks for patience.

    Got most of it apart from point number 4. I have already put required text in quotes above but here it is: “Here is a little of our Work”. It is placed on the home page in small grey frame. Underneath there are 4 images and each of these has some text below. First text is: “A nice little portfolio slideshow” followed by “You can embed more than one preview…”

    How can I edit that text? I know how to remove it but not how to edit. At this stage I can customise every text and link on the page apart from that.

    And is there an option of reseting a contact page? It doesn’t display a contact form. By default it was: “Please feel free to contact us at any time…” followed by contact form. Now the form is gone and for some reason I’ve got some portfolio gallery items there.



    Go to Portfolio Items page in the back-end so that all of them are listed. Pick one you want to edit that matches the title of one of those 4 images. The portfolio item title is the ‘A nice little Portfolio Slideshow’ and the big field below the title is where the blurb ‘You can embed more than one preview image for each post and page’ … comes from.

    To edit it, change the title or the content (big box under title) in the Portfolio Items Edit Page. Don’t forget to click Update Button to save it.

    The contact page. In backend click Corona > Theme Options > Contact .. and set whatever page you want the contact page to be. Your current contact page , you probably attached a template to it. Open Page > Contact and make sure on right side for template and layout it says Default.

    I made a video somewhere about this theme that maybe you should take a look at just to get an idea what’s going on.

    Watch it a few times, because I go quickly through things. In the video I will be making a portfolio using a template.




    Thanks but got there in a different way as the text does not appear where you say it should. If anyone interested;

    To remove this text completely; CORONA/TEMPLATE BUILDER/FRONT PAGE EXAMPLE/Portfolio Title &Excerpt set to no.

    ADD ELEMENTS/COLUMNS. Go to columns; divide by 4, set 25% each, set Column X content to ‘direct text input’, insert text. Done.

    According to the contact page the layout is default as you say. Although in PAGES/CONTACT edit VISUAL under “Please feel free to contact us at any time” there is a horizontal line with very small grey box at the end and word “More…” appears in it. No chance to expand it or edit though. Maybe there’s some email form I could paste there so it comes back to normal? As you said instead of mail form I’ve got all Portfolio items there. I can remove these but still no email form.




    The contact page is a page that you can edit, which houses the contact form. What you are seeing is a shortcode which is added as shown on this image.

    The layout is not default on any page. As the video shows,, you can apply a custom template to any page after creating it first. So if you wanted to have 20 contact pages, you can. Though each one would have the same form elements.

    This is how the demo contact page looks like in the initial setup. If you’ve changed the page, perhaps you should delete the contact page and start with a fresh page that you designate as the contact page.



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