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    In the Styling section of the template I can add the specific colors of the Heading, Main Content, Alternate Content, and so on. Yet when I enter my company # color it changes it to a slightly different one. I really need it to be that specific one as the company logo and some images with the right color will begin to conflict with the other color. How to disable this please?


    Hi DavyE,

    What color code are you using? As long as it is a six digit hex color code it should be fine to use.




    I use: #EF7C0B

    It automatically replaces it by: #EF7D0B

    So the C is changed to D, but it means an obvious difference when right next to a correct one.



    You can manually apply the background color on your Quick CSS.


    .header_color .header_bg {
    background-color: #EF7C0B;

    .main_color {
    background-color: #EF7C0B;




    I know, but isn’t it a lot of hassle trying to figure out where the wrong color has been applied? Links, highlights, buttons, backgrounds, icons, etc etc …


    Open up and replace:

    $constant_font = avia_backend_calc_preceived_brightness($primary, 230) ?  '#ffffff' : $bg;


    $constant_font = $primary;

    and all occurrences of

    $stripe = avia_backend_calculate_similar_color($primary, 'lighter', 2);


    $stripe = $primary;


    $constant_font 	= avia_backend_calc_preceived_brightness($primary, 230) ?  '#ffffff' : $bg;


    $constant_font 	= $primary;

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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