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    Hi there,

    Just wondering how I can reduce the line spacing on the subnav menu, where the menu text runs into a second line. It’s putting in a large space between the lines which looks really odd.

    Also, how do I go about adding another logo to the home page, on the left hand corner of the page?

    Appreciate any help you can give.

    BTW – have checked forum and can’t seem to find anything on either topic.





    Can you post the site URL where you’re having the issue with line spacing, or provide a screenshot of the site?

    You could add another logo in the left corner by adding the code to header.php – how you should go about this depends on where the logo should be displayed (e.g. in the top left corner regardless of screen resolution) and how big it is. Can you elarorate on what you’re trying to add and where it needs to be placed?



    HI James,

    Thanks for your note: see http://www.pcheating.ie

    If you look at the subnav under Heating Hints & Tips, you will see the large blocks of space where the subnav text is running into two lines. How do I reduce the space?

    Also, I would like to add another logo to the left handside of the RGII logo on the top right hand corner of the home page.

    Appreciate your help.

    Best //D



    1) Open up stylke.css and search for following code:

    #top #nav a{
    padding:0 15px 3px 15px;

    Adjust the line-height value (at the moment 32px) to your needs.

    2) In header.php add your banner/logo code after:

    <h1 id='logo'><a href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>/"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>

    If you like you can position it by wrapping it in a div – i.e.like:

    <div class="logo2">
    banner code

    At least add following css to style.css:

    .logo2 {
    position: absolute;
    left: 0px;
    top: 90px;

    You can adjust the position values if you like.


    Thanks a lot – that worked great.


    Glad that I could hep you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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