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    i got four dots in the left corner of my footer. i don’t know what they stand for and how to delete them. it’s is a little bit strange, that the four dots only appear, when i’m not logged in @wp-admin. i can see those dots only only if i’m not logged in.

    how can i fix that problem, how to delete those dots?

    here’s a screenshot of my problem: fehler1.jpg

    thanks in advance,

    andreas |


    You’re using an illegal version of Display (which of course violates copyright laws). The dots are caused by malware code which links to rip off sites..

    That’s really a nice example why filesharing isn’t a good idea when it comes to wp themes, etc.


    i have a legal version, with invoice/bill and registry key (date: 2011-01-09) . this version is uploaded. the filesharing version was installed for testing purpose only. sorry for that.

    thanks for the info and … sorry!



    yes I know that you’ve a valid version (because of your product key :) )

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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