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    Hi there!!!,

    I would like to use my blog page as a frontpage, I chose this option from Flashlight Theme Options but it does not work (, you can not see the blog entries when you enter to the site, how can I solve it?. Also I would like the blog page to be shown when you click on “blog” (not only when you enter to the site.




    Please try to set the blog page as front page (Go to Settings > Reading > “Set static front page”).

    2) You can create a custom menu (Appearance > Menu) – just create a link with the link text “Blog” and type in the url of your blog page. Or add the blog page directly to the menu.


    Hi!!!, I did the first option and it is working,



    Glad that it worked :)


    Hi dude, now I have a new problem I did not notice before. I settled the blog as a frontpage as you told me (set static front page), but I have settled only 3 entries to be shown (I do not want the frontage to be too heavy showing many entries), but when you go to the bottom and you click on the pages numbers (page 1 of 5) …YOU ALWAYS SEE THE SAME PAGE, which is the page number one. How can I solve this?.



    I’m still trying to solve this problem by myself but I did not find the solution,

    Do you know how can I solve it?.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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