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    How would I show full length posts, one after another on category pages? I would like this option for my readers to be able to view the blog as a regular blog without the thumbnails.



    Hi mattbelanger,

    You’ll need to edit the includes>loop-archive.php in your theme files. If you remove:

    $slider = new avia_slideshow(get_the_ID());
    echo $slider->display_small($img_size);

    and then change:

    echo avia_excerpt($excerpt);


    echo the_content();

    That will get you the posts, without images and in full. Then you’ll need to remove the read more link. Line 92 should be commented out or completely removed to do this. Its the entire

    <a class='read-more-icon...... to </a>

    If you want to change the formatting to be more like a full width standard blog, it’ll take a good bit more customization from here. If you aren’t comfortable with HTML/CSS and a little bit of php, I would recommend looking into a Freelance web developer to finish up the customization and it should take more than a hour or two.




    Is it possible to get the posts with the images on top?


    I didn’t mean to remove the thumbnail all together, I just want it to be as large as the post is, like the regular single page posts, just one on top of another.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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