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    Something I’ve noticed which is a bit worrying …

    Out of curiosity, I switched my Flashlight theme to the 2011 theme, just to see how the content would present. Everything looked fine except for the galleries, Basically I got a title, but no visuals for the gallery. I assumed it was the framework used in Flashlight, so I went back to Flashlight and changed it from “Image list attached to the entry” to “WordPress default gallery attached to the entry”. I switched back to the 2011 theme and the gallery is still blank.

    Chances are I will not be using Flashlight forever. Is this theme embedding something into the galleries that will make them work only with Flashlight? Is there some other procedure I need to be using to “future proof” my galleries?



    I’m sure Kriesi can come up with an explanation. We will forward this to him. Thank you for this.





    I think this post can help you: – at the momentFlashlight uses the hidden post which is not recognized by other themes.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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