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    whenever I open the website using ENFOLD theme by a Galaxy iTablet PC the browser crashes. On all other sites the browser works fine… What could be the reason for this?



    I’m not familiar with Galaxy iTablet but maybe it’s a browser configuration issue or an extension triggers an error. Try another browser and deactivate all extensions of the browser to find the culprit.

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    Hallo, ok thanks,…. but that does not help. Perhaps you want to try it yourself any Samsung Galaxy phone I have tried so far and also tablet is having same behaviour. have a look at the site The client would not mind if it would work, as I told them before installation that it would also be working on Mobile Phones. Perhaps I did a screw up, but if you check and find out why would be apprciated.


    Hi nyh,

    I’ve not had any issues for any of the sites I’ve built or the demo of Enfold with my Galaxy S2, S1 or S3. The S2 is my personal phone and the others I’ve tried out at various times in testing.

    My guess is that you have too many big images trying to load in on the home page at once which is causing mobile browsers to have issues.

    The big background images in your slider and even the image of the books is a bit big for web use and could use with being optimized to create smaller files.




    ok thanks Devin I will try that…


    For png files you can use:

    and for jpegs you can use

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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