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    Would someone be able to help me on how i can go about setting up my gallery just like franks >> Link>>

    Im looking to have Gallery > Music

    > Landscape

    > Portrait

    And would like to have a main page for each sub just like Frank has setup.

    If someone could give a guide in novice lang that would be great thanks.




    you’d create a page called Portfolio, in your Theme Options you can then select which page you’d like to display your portfolio items in. Now add portfolio items (make sure to add a category) The preview image used will be your last image in your image gallery you’ll add. The other options are all self-explanatory and can be set when creating the portfolio item.



    I’ve done the above but i get my entries in a list and when you move over the title the preview image appears. I’m after it to be displayed in rows of 3 and the preview image above a small title.

    Also how do i go about getting “Archive for music” and date removed?




    Glad that you found a solution.


    Exactly how was the last request sorted? I’m getting the same list with the image appearing on the right upon rollover of the title. I’d rather have a category page of item thumbnails.


    Hi balero98,

    You can change the way the images are display on the page by going to the Gallery Options under the visual editor for that portfolio item and then choosing one of the Gallery Layout options besides “Image list attached to the entry”.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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