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    Thanks for another great theme. I am having some trouble with the galleries.

    1) When I check “Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions” in media settings the thumbnails are the ratio of the original image but they line up very awkwardly.

    I created this galley in another theme with the basic wordpress gallery and it looks good with images various ratios. .

    With Enfold the basic wordpress gallery has only one thumb size so I can’t use that either


    When I try to edit an existing gallery it shows that there are no images so rather than being able to add to a gallery I have to rebuild the whole gallery. This is a pain for my artist clients who are constantly adding new work to existing galleries.


    The load time is very slow. The images are semi-transparent for half a minute and then load to their full color versions.

    Thanks very much



    Hi David,

    1) The theme has a couple of different options for galleries but there isn’t one available similar to the example. See:

    2) When you’ve added a gallery you just need to click on its element in the advanced layout builder. The Gallery pop up appears and you can then click on the images to add more to it or edit them as well as change the gallery style and image size.

    3) Load times for images are independent of the theme. You can use something like w3tc or WP SuperCache to increase the loading times of your site overall but ultimately when it comes to images loading it has more to do with the individual user internet speed and the host where the images are located.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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