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    Thanks for Avisio – beautiful theme, and I am loving it.

    1. First, I apologize in advance – I am a newbie, and though I have read many posts about Avisio logos and looked at your responses about css, and tried adjusting it, I cannot seem to get my logo to sit up in the navigation bar. It keeps wanting to sit in the upper left corner of the slider. I have increased the height and width in this block many times to no avail:

    #top .logo, .logo a{







    border: none;

    padding: 0;


    …and no matter what I change, I see nothing different on my site.

    2. I would like my logo to be larger, and I read a post about how to get it up above the nav. bar, but of course, I can’t get it to work. Perhaps you could send me instructions for both ways – IN the nav bar, and ABOVE it? Please be specific and step by step, because apparently I am not seeing something that I get the feeling is right in front of my eyes!

    3. Finally, all my individual pages are listed in the footer – its really long and unnecessary. In my dashboard, there are 4 footer widgets with nothing in them, and I cannot seem to drag them away to deactivate them. All I see in css is stuff for facebook, twitter, etc. How do I get rid of it and change what is in my footer, because right now it is way too huge/long!

    Thank you for your patience and this support.

    tsf (my site: http://www.thesowingfields.com)



    as for the navigation/logo issue you should for starters make your logo smaller, the image you’re using is 200×200 while your actual logo has a height of around 60. It should fit right in with the correct height. Once this is done you can start tinkering with the css and positioning. This should get you going on the positioning.

    The footer is using dummy widgets, you can either drag a different one in or remove the current one. In widgets.php you can remove widgets from “case” to “break”:

    case 3:
    echo"<div class='box box_small widget_archive'>";
    wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=-1' );


    Thank you so much, I got rid of the pages widget in the footer, and I got the logo to pop into the right place, now I just have to figure out how to make it bigger. Is it possible to make it bigger in the “home” position of the nav bar, or do I have to place it above the nav bar to make it bigger? I’ll try carefully adjusting the css in the logo blocks, and I’ll post again if I can’t figure it out. Thanks for responding.



    Nevermind, I got it! Fits nicely, I was trying to increase the size of the logo in the wp editor, rather than cropping off the extra space in a photo editor first – duh. I told you i am a newbie, you believe me now, don’t you… Thanks again.



    Glad it works now :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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