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    All of my portfolio items are hosted on external sites and thus, I would like them to open in a new window. WordPress isn’t doing it by default and I’m wondering if I can force the option?

    Any help is appreciated — thanks!


    Thanks for the link — I tried the first method but it didn’t seem to work…and the second and third aren’t really an option (that I can see). Any other ideas?



    the first and/or second method should work. Have you cleared your Cache after updating? It really should work.


    It still isn’t working…cleared my cache and tried on other browsers and computers as well. I’m not sure how to try the second option. Any other things I could try? Does it work for you?


    I hope there’s an another option for this…

    In the meantime — is there any way I can get the page “x of 3” in the portfolio to sit on the top of the items as well? I.E. on the same line as “Radio / Print / Web”?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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