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    There is an editor for the layer slider for Admin.
    It’s hidden when not administrative user logged in.
    How do I give the USER permision to see and edit the slider in wp-admin panel?
    It’s something in admin.php but can’t find this particular permission,
    It’s very important for me to open only this “slider” section to him.


    Sorry for the bump’ but I really need this
    Any solution?



    Unfortunately that isn’t something we can help with. The user needs to be an editor to use the LayerSlider.

    You could try looking for a plugin that limits specific abilities of users and then remove other parts that you don’t want the admin user to be able to do.



    Should be some place where it’s restricted, otherwise it was open for all users by default.
    I just want to know where, in order to open the restriction.


    Yes, typically there will be a check for user levels to prevent what is displayed for that user level. Within the LayerSlider plugin however I really can’t say where that takes place nor would I recommend modifying that as it could potentially open you up to security issues.

    You can look through the included plugin in config-layerslider>LayerSlider if you want to dig further into it.


    Tried to find it there before I asked the question here.
    Please, even hired a freelancer to do it, he couldn’t find the file to edit too.
    Can you please ask the guys in the office, may some-one knows.
    This is not a complicated customization request.
    Please do your best to find it out.


    LayerSlider isn’t our plugin but if you search the layerslider.php file for the layerslider_settings_menu function you can try modifying the output for the menu there.

    From this point forward any change to the functions is far beyond what we can help with via support. As I said, it isn’t recommended and I can’t say for sure what, if any, issues it will cause.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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