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    Hi, I placed a Google Map widget on contact page, it is fine in the pc version, but doesn’t show up in iOS.



    Please provide a URL.

    Can you see this map ok




    Hi Nick,

    The map on your site displays just fine.

    Here’s my URL:

    And here are the screenshots of how I added the map. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /951dc35e6b7054e8a501a614240edb8b (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /0e715ee3abe52443f805b9209e787531




    Please turn off supercache, clear your cache, then please turn off the pullout widget and see if map works then. I don’t know what’s inside their encypted js file.




    Hi, thanks! It indeed has some conflict with pullout widget. Is there a fix? Please advise.



    You can try to contact the pullout widget plugin/script author – maybe he can provide a fix. Personally I’m not familiar with the widget and I’m not aware of a fix.





    Thanks, yes, I have contacted the pullout plugin author, this is part of the quote from him:

    “Your theme’s custom widget creator ads IDs based on numerical index. So, if there are 7 sidebars available, it creates a new sidebar with ID “sidebar-8”. When 1 sidebar gets removed, all of a sudden, the custom sidebar becomes “sidebar-7”, while all its widgets are still tied to “sidebar-8”. When widgets don’t find the sidebar they belong to, they automatically get transferred to “Inactive Widgets” container. The same behavior gets reflected in the front-end.”

    “When I was tweaking my plugin, I was trying to see if I could force my sidebar to load the last – after all sidebars already loaded. The problem is – I don’t know when exactly the custom sidebar get’s loaded…”

    “I hope this all makes sense to you. In this scenario, we can’t really say that there is a specific plugin at fault. When I create dynamic sidebars, to avoid this type of situations, I usually assign it a static ID based on the widget’s or sidebar name – not numeric index, because it will always change. If I were the theme developer, I’d probably offer a way to set my custom sidebar a static ID that wouldn’t change no matter in which order sidebar is rendered.

    On my part, I can make a few more tries to register my sidebar as late as possible, to see if it will get rendered last, so your custom sidebar’s index won’t get affected.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you want me to try and render my sidebar last.”

    I thought I’d like to share this with you, maybe the sidebar ID issue is something worth considering at least in your future updates. Because even if you helped me to fix this, it’s gonna be a temporary fix, the plugin has also been sold to 1000+ users, so I hope more people can benefit from this…



    Thanks. I’ll mark the thread for Kriesi – maybe it’s useful for him too.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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