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    I had a problem with Gravity Forms and the kriesi avia javascript. (I know you prefer contact form 7, but Gravity Forms mailchimp API is very useful).

    Gravity Forms website input field “http://” is going to be removed by the avia javascript function “input field improvements”. This would not cause any problems, but the mailchimp API expects to have for the website field tag the “http://”. And I can’t change my list in mailchimp, as this would delete all website fields already entered.

    Question: Is there a better solution then to delete the function “input field improevements” from the avia javascript?

    Thank you.



    I’m afraid but I think this is the best solution. However you just need to comment out the function call at the very top (not the entire function) if you prefer a less inversive methode. For advanced contact forms I use Formidable instead of Contact Form 7 btw – it’s similiar to Gravity Forms and supports Mailchimp too.



    Thank you for your prompt answer! I am already used to Gravity Forms, but will have a lock into formidable.

    Question: Any idea when Kriesi is coming out with a new news theme? Newscast is great, but I have several suggestions:

    – Sortable columns
    – option to have featured pics also below post title
    – automatic adatpion of text height, when in 2 colums post is with one picture and the other w/o
    – dynamic template with sidebar for entire template, not only for a module
    – bbpress on the front page! (this would be a dream, not buddypress community)
    – something exactly as you have here in your support page, with topics and forums, adn sortable
    – Question: why is this support forum page not as a theme available, would be great!

    Thanks for passing this inputs to Kriesi


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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