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    Hope you can help! I purchased the habitat theme and uploaded into my wordpress admin and it looks completely different as to the theme preview as shown on themeforest. I am not a designer and actually really all new to this, can you please explain or advice on how i can get my website look like the preview. Because in the info it says “It has the ability to create unique skins right from your backend without the need to edit anything within your css files whith just a few mouse clicks and also offers the option to install content automatically when setting up the theme, so it will look like my theme preview!” Please let me know!



    Thanks, i already found the Dummy Data Import what helped me out a lot!


    Just for everyone else – the dummy data import can be found under Habitat Options.

    @applecrunch – glad that you found the option yourself :)


    Thanks Dude. I uploaded the theme but just didn;t came out looking exactly the same as the preview.

    Could you only please help me out on getting the featured image as you have in the theme preview, centered and the same size?

    I tried following the steps explained in the html.index template but i just cant seem to get it right. Also in the index.html page i do not see the visual examples.


    This is what i have so far


    I installed wordpress again and uploaded the habitat theme again as dummy version but still it does not look like the demmo version. Can you please give me advise on what to do or how to fix this? I would really like my version to look like the one i purchased. Would you otherwise like to have my loggin details so maybe you could perhaps see why this part is missing.



    Unfortunately i have not had any answer yet from you on my problem as described in this topic.

    Could you please let me know what the status is and if you are able to provide support in this matter?

    As you understand i would really like to continue with working on the design.

    Thanks very much.



    sorry for the late reply.

    As far as I can see the demo content displays fine. I.e. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -all-modern-browsers/ with two featured images and slideshow…

    In this post: you’re using a very small featured image – maybe you want to use a bigger one (fullwidth slideshow, etc.)

    If you want to display the featured images of the first post or the images of a page fullwidth just go to Habitat Options > Slideshow Options and there you’ll find a drop down list option called “Featured Image Option” – there you select “First Entry with fullwidth image”.


    No problem! I worked it out finally thanks:) Now my settings are now like you said “First Entry with fullwidth image”. But it still shows the small size..

    Could it be because of the size image of the image of the first post, is not the right size as the standard images in the other posts?


    Yes the image is very small – I’d recommend to upload images with 940x440px size or more. The featured images will be resized automatically to the right size if an image is too big :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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