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    I have two easy (i hope) questions :
    – How can i delete the breadcrumb . I try in wp-content/themes/enfold/index.php and page.php but no effect.
    – The slider doesn’t appear above the navigation. It’s seem to be empty.

    <div class=" (Purchase code hidden if logged out) "><div id="layer_slider_1" class="avia-layerslider main_color avia-shadow  slider-not-first container_wrap sidebar_right" style="height: 301px;"></div>

    Here the

    Sorry for my English and Thanks for your help.



    Hey leplusweb!

    You can add this on your custom.css or Quick CCS to remove the breadcrumb:

    .title_container .breadcrumb {
    display: none;

    How did you end up adding a layer slider above the menu? Note that you can’t use the LayerSlider shortcode, it’s not going to work.



    Hey !

    Obviously, thank you for the CSS code.

    I add the layer slider by the plugin “page in page”. After I create a slider in a page via the advanced content and add this shortcode :
    echo do_shortcode("[twl_page_in id=35]");
    I want to have a slider above the navigation, perhaps there is an easy way to do this ?

    Another point, I don’t want to have sidebar on the home but i want to have one in the other page. It’s possible ?

    Your help is very appreciated




    You can edit your frontpage and choose to display sidebar in Layout options

    If you really need to display slider above navigation, you are going to need to hire a freelance developer for that kind of customization as it is beyond the scope of support we can provide. You can also request quote here.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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