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    Installed Avisio (twice)

    The header is 1680 x 65 px instead of 1680 x 85 px.

    Couldn’t find it in the style.css or header.php But then I shouldn’t need to.

    Any ideas why and how I can fix it?

    Update: I found the 85px on line 152 of the style sheet. However it was correct in the installed theme. I don’t know why the element is only 65px.

    Thought the logo needed to be 85px ht. just like the demo. I made mine 65px and the bar stays at 65px.

    So it’s not the graphic



    Better explanation…..

    The header bar is 1680 x 65 px instead of 1680 x 85 px. when I insert my 85px ht logo.

    Avisio default logo works. (bar 85px)

    I found the 85px logo on line 152 of the style sheet. . … I don’t know why the bar element is only 65px.

    My logo 85px ht. just like the demo, the bar stays at 65px.

    I also tried making my logo 65px…. and the bar stays at 65px but all the buttons are misaligned.

    I dug deeper.

    I used Chrome inspect element and something is inserting a -20 pad at the bottom of my logo.

    Yet Line 150 and line 174 look the same as the demo when compared side by side,

    I’m clueless.




    My style.css line 174 had:

    margin:0 0 -20px 0;


    Changed line 174 to:

    Line 174 margin:0 0 0 0;

    I’m going to be grumpy here.

    This was the very first option to customize. Insert logo.

    The notes for this option read:

    “Add the full URI path to your logo. the themes default logo gets applied if the input field is left blank

    Logo Dimension: 247px * 94px”

    It’s not 94px high, it’s 85px high.

    It took me 2 hours to figure this out ( the -20 margin) when the logo field should have munched my 85px logo and finished in a minute.

    I also noticed that this theme doesn’t have the nice “customize style.css” box. So I’m altering the stock file.

    Can I setup a child theme ?

    I’m done venting.




    Yes, you can set up a child theme – more information about child themes can be found here:

    Best regards,



    Yo Dude,


    In the meantime, I set up a ChildTheme.

    test / 7test7


    I started making changes to the Child style.css

    Some changes worked, others did not.

    The changes worked fine in




    .dropcap font color is one example.

    The changes in the child style are still there and they work.

    I combed for “” :; {} It all looks fine.

    Should child style make changes to both style.css and style1.css ?


    I spent a lot of time slowly making small changes to child style then to avisio

    My changes consist of

    .nav / body / h color, font size, hover color, letter-spacing, and text-shadow.

    .button font color. (front page and “send” )

    Easy stuff. I stay away from cell sizes, borders, etc.

    This is quirky stuff that drives me nutz, as I long for consistency.


    Theme Name: Avisio Child

    Theme URI:

    Description: Child theme Kriesi Avisio

    Author: hosinski

    Author URI:

    Template: avisio

    Version: 0.1.0


    @import url(“../avisio/style.css”);

    /* Import Start of Stylesheets Modifications.


    /* Corrects logo padding


    #top #head .logoimg, #top #head .logoimg a, #top #head .logoimg a img{


    background-image: none;


    margin:0 0 0px 0;


    /* Corrects front page button padding when removing footer


    .frontpagetabs .transformed_tab, .more-link{

    position: relative;

    display: block;

    float: left;

    padding:0px 13px;

    margin:0 5px 10px 0;



    font-size: 11px;

    -moz-border-radius: 15px;



    line-height: 26px;


    /* Corrects front page center band when removing footer. adds pinstripe



    background: #fff url(“../images/skin1/bg_gradiant_body.png”) repeat-x 0 0;

    border-top: 1px solid #fff;

    border-bottom: 4px solid #BBB;


    /* Corrects Contact page “send” button font color




    text-shadow:1px 1px 0 #222;



    Sandbox Area


    #top .footer .column4{


    font-size: 16px;

    line-height: 18px;



    #top .footer .column4 h4{

    font-size: 18px;


    text-shadow:1px 1px 0 #bbb;


    .footer .entry a:hover img{





    Dropcap Color






    color:#FF931E; text-decoration:underline;


    #top .nav a:hover{



    .nav li a {

    border-left:1px solid #ccc;





    #top #head .nav ul li a {

    border:1px solid #eee;

    border-bottom: none;


    background: url(“../images/skin1/bg_gradiant_stripe_top.png”) 0px -20px #fff;


    #top #head .nav ul li a:hover{


    background: #fff;


    #top .nav ul{

    background: url(“../images/skin1/arrow_up.png”) 10px 22px transparent no-repeat !important; /*ie6fix*/

    background: none;

    border-bottom:1px solid #eee;


    #top .nav .current-menu-item a strong{


    font-weight: bold;


    .overlay_top, .overlay_bottom{

    background-image: url(“../images/skin1/overlay.png”);



    Hi Norton,

    I’m not sure what your specific issues are, but make sure you target things specifically. If .container {} doesn’t work, try going up a level like .top-container .container{}.

    If you want to force it, you can always use !important after an attribute to give it top level status as long as it doesn’t conflict with another line with !important as well.

    I hope that helps a bit.



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